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a sweet song of lovers.

sweetly by || daniel martin moore + joan shelley

two gorgeous vintage illustrations of deciduous landscape plants I’m currently learning about


working on: consistency//time management//diligence

thinking about: the day/week ahead

anticipating: the holiday weekend//tests this week in my classes

drinking: coffee

listening: silence//birds

wishing: i could sleep for an insane amount of time

grateful for: my home/the quiet of morning/my sweet, sleeping husband and dog/our families/my job and co-workers/a healthy and capable body/a car [a car w/ AC!]/nourishing food/longtime friends/new opportunities


working on: getting ready for the day ahead

thinking about: the week ahead

anticipating: MY MASSAGE TOMORROW + school starting tomorrow as well

drinking: orange juice

listening to: Helios

wishing: there was more time in a day

grateful for: my husband (SO happy to be back home with him), our home, the opportunity to get an education, a healthy body, food, senses, a job with awesome co-workers, family….

You Make Me Brave-Bethel Live + Amanda Cook


my heart. my comfort. my joy.

Needtobreathe || Multiplied

"Your love will surely come find us, like blazing wild fires singing your name. God of mercy, sweet of love of mine, I have surrendered to your design. May this offering stretch across the sky. This hallelujah be multiplied. "

                                      MONDAY CHECK - IN

working on: diligence, consistence

thinking about: the day/week ahead

anticipating: warmer weather

drinking: coffee

listening to: Rend Collective

wishing: my house would be magically organized and redecorated 

grateful for: a job, newness in the mornings and mondays, a working car, hot coffee, a loving husband to wake up to every morning, the ability to learn, hilarious co-workers

                                            Monday Check-In
working on: rest//peace

thinking about: school/house/work to-dos


drinking: almond milk

listening to: This Will Destroy You

wishing: i could snap my fingers and have everything be done so I could sleep 

my anthem these days || God I Look To You-Bethel Music + Jenn Johnson


Working on: balance//presence//joy 

Thinking about: these busy two weeks ahead

Anticipating: wedding showers this week

Drinking: coffee

Listening to: Immeasurable More-Rend Collective

Wishing: I was better at time management